Post-Conference | Actionable Next Steps

How do we ensure that attending stakeholders, partner and participating organizations act on lessons learned at GoGreen Conference?

  • Best Host City partners at the table for ongoing education and follow up post-conference
  • GoGreen Conference surveys attendees pre and post event to development benchmark for action and traction
  • Reporting on a quarterly basis, if possible – benchmarks will be compared at each annual event
  • Work with local partners to conduct regular focus groups to provide feedback on benchmarks set at first annual conference
  • Issue a call for case studies to discover collaborative endeavors resulting from event

Host City Advisors - Time Commitment

  • Host City to provide key leader to sit on GoGreen Advisory Team to drive program development
  • GoGreen Advisory Team requires 5-10 hours of meeting, conference call and email follow-up to ensure your Host City expertise and recommendations are included in GoGreen Conference program
  • Provide topic and case study recommendations from your Host City key programs, partners and regional leading sustainable organizations
  • High level speaker(s) from Host City participating agencies to be featured in GoGreen conference program

Host City Funding Requirement:

GoGreen Conference must secure partnership funding from your Host City or County ($20,000 - can be a combination of smaller contributions from multiple departments or agencies) before moving forward with GoGreen Conference in your city.

Host City Marketing Requirement:

  • Dedicated HTML email promotion (designed by GoGreen Conference, approved by Host City) to relevant departments to drive awareness and attendance to GoGreen Conference in your city
  • Distribute GoGreen Conference press releases (created by GoGreen Conference, approved by Host City) to relevant Host City partner outlets
  • Distribute GoGreen Conference printed materials (postcards, posters, etc.) to departments and cities, and at relevant events
  • Secure advertising/PSAs through relevant Host City partner network and marketing channels (quantity, format and content to be determined by GoGreen Conference and Host City)
  • Host City Public Affairs/Marketing Team to partner with GoGreen Conference Marketing Team to utilize knowledge and expertise in the market to maximize awareness and attendance
  • Social Media promotion of GoGreen Conference, relevant sessions and Host City involvement through social media accounts