GoGreen Conference Sustainability Policy

We always select LEED certified venues whenever possible and carry a high standard when selecting venues via a strict list of criteria that assess the venue's resource management, infrastructure and access to public transit.

We understand the importance of food as a direct link to regional place and we work to secure local and organically sourced food and beverage whenever possible.

We've partnered up with local reusable container services to for conference meals.

  • Conference materials printed with vegetable based inks on recycled paper goods
  • All venue signage made from upcycled materials
  • Online event promotions
  • 100% paperless ticketing systems
  • Biodegradable, corn-starch badge covers

  • Recycle all/as much as they can at the event
  • Bring their own reusable cups/bottles
  • Deposit lanyards and badges in label recycle receptacles
  • Use event app in lieu of printed program
  • Choose vegetarian lunch option